I received a question asking how can kids get involved in our program and what can they do? My answer came back as undeliverable, so I am sharing it with you.

Thank you for reaching out to Project RACE. In answer to your question, it depends on what ages the children are and what their interests are. The week of June 7 to 14 is Multiracial Heritage Week and is where most of our children are active. They hold parties, ceremonies, etc., often at their public libraries, but they can do them at home or school. The first place I recommend starting is with their school registration. Check to see if it has “Multiracial” on it or the ability to check two or more races. If not, we can work on that. Our teens post a new famous person and their story in Famous Friday. You can make sure the child gets information  from that each week. We encourage children’s books on being Multiracial. If the child is old enough to write, we always have use of our social media to post their own stories, book reports, etc. Crayola makes a pack of different skin colors of the world and we suggest buying some of them for the child to use. Right now, through November 15, the Census Bureau is asking for people to write into them with their thoughts on race and ethnicity on the 2030 census. The information about that is on the Project RACE website under “Alerts” on the front page. It would be great if they could mail in what they think from a children’s point of view. There is always something to do at Project RACE and the first thing is to become a member, which is free. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Susan Graham for Project RACE Kids