Project RACE is the umbrella organization that advocates for Multiracial children, Multiracial adults, and interracial families primarily through Multiracial education and community awareness. Anyone can join Project RACE: single-race people, Multiracial kids, teens, adults and members of interracial families. We support policies that make a positive impact on people of Multiracial heritage at local, state, and national levels.

Project Race Kids & Project Race Teens

Our Youth Divisions are Project RACE Kids and Project RACE Teens. Our youth empower teenagers and young adults to advocate for Multiracial people of all ages and our families. Our Project RACE Teens organize our very important Multiracial Heritage Week (MHW) every year from June 7 to 14. Some of our teens read to classrooms across the country. Our Teens and Project RACE Kids are also responsible for Famous Friday entries on our blog and on Facebook. They also make videos for Project RACE. They do everything!

Congrats & Thank you Project race teens leadership team

Project Race Grandparents

Project RACE Grandparents support the grandparents of Multiracial grandchildren. The division’s members write occasional articles for our website and blog. All of our divisions educate and encourage the medical community to include Multiracial people on health-related forms, in data collection, and in clinical trials. We increase the pool of Multiracial donors by sponsoring bone marrow drives and we encourage the life-saving utilization of umbilical cord blood.