It’s Famous Friday!

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  It is Friday once again, and today we will be highlighting the (former) interracial couple Sammy Davis Jr. and May Britt!  Sammy Davis Jr. was taking a huge risk in marrying May Britt.  It wasn’t until the Supreme court case of Loving vs. Virginia in 1967, that interracial marriages would become legal all throughout the United States.  Sammy Davis Jr. was African-American and Cuban, and May Britt is Swedish. This couple’s marriage was definitely outside the norm for the time period.  The union of Sammy and May certainly contributed [...]

Informational Friday

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When “Mixed” Isn’t Enough GETTY Why We Need Better Terms For People Who Identify As Two Or More Races by Nicole Holliday  When I was a kid, I always just assumed that everyone in the world called people like me “mixed,” because in the 1990s in central Ohio, where I grew up, mixed almost always referred to folks like me, who had one black parent and one white parent. The community I grew up in had very few people who identified as anything other than black or white, so I just thought that mixed meant [...]

Shutting Down the Rumor Mill

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Charles Michael Byrd wrote an article for the very conservative Washington Examiner on July 31 about Kamala Harris. He wrote, “mixed-race Americans are rightfully concerned that the government might shelve the multiple box option altogether.” I had a long conference call with Census Bureau executives this week and they stated there are NO PLANS to do this and they have no idea where it came from. Indeed, when I wrote to Byrd and appealed to him on social media, he never answered. It’s true that you never know what will [...]

Thank you!

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  We just want to thank everyone who made national Multiracial Heritage Week such a great success this year. We received written acknowledgment from 17 states and 4 mayors of large cities. Yes! We also had numerous new members sign up for membership and asking to be placed on our mailing list. The media attention has been great, with television, radio, and podcasts. If you missed Karson Baldwin, Project RACE Teen President on WKYC, you can catch it here: Project RACE celebrates being multiracial throughout the year, but our [...]

We interrupt our celebrations…

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We interrupt our celebrations… What do a seven-year-old boy in New York, a three-year-old girl in Baltimore, and an eight-year-old boy in Los Angeles have in common? Other than playing games and being with their pets, they are all living on borrowed time. And you may be able to save them. During Multiracial Heritage Week, we do a lot of celebrating and talk about being multiracial, but we also remind people about becoming bone marrow donors for sick children and adults with blood diseases. There is a blood cancer diagnosis [...] Apologizes

2019-04-21T13:43:23+00:00April 21st, 2019| apologizes, pulls slavery-era ad after backlash By Associated Press Shutterstock The ad drew widespread criticism on social media for whitewashing slavery, prompting the DNA testing company to remove it from TV and its YouTube channel. Ancestry started running the ad on TV on April 15, according to research firm iSpot.TV. The ad is part of a campaign by Ancestry showing stories from the past to pique viewers’ curiosity about their ancestors. It depicts a white man holding up a ring and telling a black woman wearing Civil War-era clothing [...]

It’s Famous Friday!

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Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson Evan was born in Greenwich, Connecticut. His mother is entertainer Diana Ross who is African American. His father was of Norwegian and German descent. Evan is an American actor and musician. Evan married Ashlee Simpson in 2014. In the same year they had their daughter Jagger Snow Ross. Ashlee Simpson is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Her older sister is celebrity, Jessica Simpson. Ashlee has an 8 year old son from her previous husband, Pete Wentz. Evan has a good relationship with Ashlee’s ex [...]

It’s Famous Friday!

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QB Patrick Mahomes "Mahomes' talent is as good as anybody who has ever played the game." - Brett Favre Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes has captivated football fans this year and become the most exciting player in the NFL. Mahomes, in just his second NFL season, has led his team to a thrilling 8-1 start and, with eight 300 yard passing games in a row, has found himself as the current MVP favorite! The frenzy over this new superstar reminds me of the way fans react to LeBron! This [...]

About Project RACE

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Project RACE is a non-profit NATIONAL organization advocating for multiracial individuals. We advocate for “multiracial” or “check two or more” classifications on forms. We hold schools, business, the media and other institutions responsible for treating multiracial people fairly, especially children. We do this by speaking directly with them, providing materials, writing opinion pieces, sharing experiences, etc. We are proactive. We also provide information on medical issues and hold bone marrow donor drives. We have very active divisions: Teens, Kids, and Grandparents, which hold Multiracial Heritage Week every year from June [...]

Are You in an Interracial Family?

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Project RACE is very pleased to announce that we have been asked to participate in a photographic project by the amazing photographer Ben Baker! He has photographed the Obamas, many other Presidents, entertainers, politicians, and other famous people. He is looking for interracial families to photograph in New York this weekend or next. This could be any combination of backgrounds: black/white, Asian/black, Hispanic/white, African American/American Indian, etc. Please email me at if you are interested. Let’s help Ben make this a huge success!

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