Medical Matters

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  There is much controversy about race and medicine. Some people and medical scientists feel there are inherent differences in races that cause medical concerns and need to be addressed. Others feel there are no differences. We at Project RACE call for more study into this highly emotional issue. We have recently seen several calls for more study, as outlined below and are pleased to know that progress is being made. We recently received a notification of a diabetes study. To qualify, it specified you must have Japanese Heritage (being [...]

Genetics and Race

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SundayReview How Genetics Is Changing Our Understanding of ‘Race’ Gray Matter By DAVID REICH Credit Angie Wang In 1942, the anthropologist Ashley Montagu published “Man’s Most Dangerous Myth: The Fallacy of Race,” an influential book that argued that race is a social concept with no genetic basis. A classic example often cited is the inconsistent definition of “black.” In the United States, historically, a person is “black” if he has any sub-Saharan African ancestry; in Brazil, a person is not “black” if he is known to have any European ancestry. [...]

Medical Monday

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Medical Monday – August 8, 2016 Medical Monday is a service of Project RACE for the multiracial community. We seek, gather, and list health articles of interest to interracial families and people of all races. We welcome health information from outside sources as long as the original source is cited. 1.   Minorities less likely to have knee replacement surgery, more likely to have complications   American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons     Morphology and Prevalence Study of Lumbar Scoliosis in 7,075 Multiracial Asian Adults   The Journal of [...]

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