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A C.E.O.’s Plea: Don’t Mess With the Census

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American businesses rely on data from the census. Please don’t ruin it by adding a citizenship question. By David Kenny     A coalition of more than 30 states, cities and counties, led by New York State, recently won a lawsuit in the Southern District of New York challenging a decision by the Commerce Department to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. The Department of Commerce appealed, and the case is scheduled to be argued at the Supreme Court on April 23. The plaintiffs argued that participation in [...]

Where are all the multiracial people? Part 2

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The United States Census Bureau put out a 165-page report today called “2020 Census Barriers, Attitudes, and Motivators Study (CBAMS) Focus Group Final Report.” Basically, it’s about people who don’t want to fill out their census forms. The main reasons found were privacy concerns, apathy, fear of repercussions, and lack of time. The report is full of the focus groups they studied, including African American, Native American, Hispanic, Chinese, middle-eastern, rural, and on and on. However, it appears that the one group not included is the “two or more races” [...]

Multiracial Numbers Increase

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The U.S. population is getting older and more racially diverse, according to new estimates from the Census Bureau. The findings come out as a separate analysis finds that for the first time, white deaths exceeded births in a majority of states. White people remain the majority in the U.S. — but in new data from the Census Bureau, non-Hispanic whites were the only group that didn't grow from 2016 to 2017. Whites declined by .02 percent to a total of around 198 million people. Among other racial groups, Asians were [...]

Census will ask for Citizenship

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Note: Project RACE is NOT in favor of a citizenship question on the U.S. Census! Despite Concerns, Census Will Ask Respondents if They Are U.S. Citizens By EMILY BAUMGAERTNER, New York Times Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross made the decision to put a citizenship question on the 2020 census forms, citing the need to measure the portion of the population eligible to vote. Credit Gabriella Demczuk for The New York Times WASHINGTON — The 2020 census will ask respondents whether they are United States citizens, the Commerce Department announced Monday night, [...]

Census and Citizenship Question

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California sues over Census citizenship question By Tal Kopan , CNN/Mar 27, 2018 2020 Census will ask about citizenship status 01:29 (CNN) — Progressives, states and civil rights advocates are preparing a flurry of legal challenges to the Trump administration's decision to add a question about citizenship to the next census, saying the move will penalize immigrants and threaten civil rights. The late Monday move from the Commerce Department, which it said came in response a request by the Justice Department, would restore a question about citizenship that has not [...]


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BREAKING NEWS! January 26, 2018   Project RACE received an email from the Census Bureau today with the subject: UPDATE ON 2020 CENSUS QUESTIONS ON RACE AND ETHNICITY. The Office of Management and Budget was supposed to issue their guidelines for the 2020 Census prior to 2018 and they did not. A variety of changes were proposed. Therefore, the bureau will utilize the following for the 2018 Census Test in Providence County, Rhode Island and most likely follow through with them on the 2020 Census:   A separate category for [...]

2020 Census

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Yes, the census should be tracking race and ethnicity (Gerald Martineau/for The Washington Post) By Timothy P. Johnson and Roger Tourangeau January 23 Timothy P. Johnson is director of the Survey Research Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago and president of the American Association for Public Opinion Research. Roger Tourangeau is former president of the American Association for Public Opinion Research and vice president and senior statistical fellow at Westat. As the federal government prepares to conduct the 2020 Census, critics of the Census Bureau are pushing to [...]

Citizenship Question on Census?

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The DOJ Wants A Citizenship Question On The Census. That Could Blow Up The Whole Survey Sam Levine/Jan 3, 2018 The Huffington Post Experts already concerned about census response rates say the query would cause even fewer people to respond. The Department of Justice’s recent request to add a question about citizenship to the 2020 census has sparked concerns that such a move would lower response rates within immigrant communities. An inaccurate Census would have severe consequences. The survey helps determine the allocation of nearly $700 billion each year in [...]

Important Article!

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How Racial Data Gets 'Cleaned' in the U.S. Census The national survey offers more identity choices than ever—until those choices get scrubbed away. The 2010 United States Census allowed 63 possible responses for race. Ross D. Franklin / AP At a doctor’s visit, on a college-admissions application, or even in a consumer-marketing survey, Americans are regularly asked to classify themselves by race. Some protest this request by “declining to answer,” as forms often allow. After all, racial categories are social constructs. They don’t connote biological or genetic difference. As an [...]

Save the Census

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Save the Census By THE EDITORIAL BOARD  Source: The New York Times Photo A census bureau worker in Houston in 2010. Credit Johnny Hanson/Houston Chronicle, via Associated Press An administration uninterested in staffing federal agencies, at war with facts and eager to help Congress cut the budget is further endangering a cornerstone of American democracy: the duty to count all who live here. Every decade since 1790, as required by the Constitution, the federal government has undertaken a painstaking census of its people, the accuracy and fairness of which serves [...]

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