Business Voluntary Self-Identification Form

The federal government requires companies to give prospective and existing employees the opportunity to voluntarily self-identify their race and ethnicity. This helps satisfy their requirement for being equal opportunity employers. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) instructs businesses to allow multiple check boxes. However, in our search to find sample forms, we found that most employers are not following the instructions. We have seen forms that ask the race of the parents, many forms that instruct you to check only one, and more that make you designate that government catch-phrase, “I am a person who is two or more races.” In a related survey form, Best Buy asks: With which group do you most clearly identify yourself? They miss the point completely and want to put people back in one box.

You have the right to voluntarily self-identify on a form that allows you to check two or more races. If you do not self-identify, your employer may pick a race and ethnicity for you based on how you look to them or your surname.

Tell employers you would like a form that is compliant with current laws for purposes of EEO Self-Identification or EEO-1 Standard 100 Form.

Medical Forms

We recommend the following comprehensive form be used by medical and healthcare facilities: