CNN Stereotypes Multiracial Quarterbacks in Story

2020-10-29T18:11:39+00:00October 29th, 2020|

CNN Stereotypes Multiracial Quarterbacks in Story   CNN published an article titled “The NFL is confronting racism, but are Black quarterbacks continuing to be stereotyped?” In the story, CNN reported this: “For quarterbacks who threw for more than 3,000 yards in 2019, three of the top four -- as ranked by passer rating-- were Black: Mahomes, Lamar Jackson and Russell Wilson.” What? Mahomes and Wilson are multiracial. Mahomes’ father is Black and his mother is White, while Wilson is 62% African, 36% European, 1% West Asian, and 1% Central Asian. [...]


2020-10-08T16:34:07+00:00October 8th, 2020|

CNN has refused to call Kamala Harris multiracial. All their stories refer to her as Black and Asian American. Today, they tried something a little different: "Harris -- from a multi-racial, immigrant family from the liberal West Coast -- and Pence -- the white, male conservative, evangelical product of the heartland -- were an apt representation of the two Americas disputing the election and whose divergent paths and belief systems are at the root of the country's current political estrangement." Yes, they tried to use the term “multiracial” even though [...]

An Open Letter to Marcus Mabry of CNN

2020-06-21T10:10:05+00:00June 21st, 2020|

“A Father’s Day message to all dads” was published by CNN today because Mabry works for CNN and therefore knows people. It’s usually not that easy to get an opinion piece published nationally, but I have a lot to say to Marcus Mabry, so I’m glad that it is in print. His opinion piece is about the fact that he is the father of ten-year-old “mixed” twins. He is a Black gay man and his partner is White, but that’s not really what this is about. It’s more about language [...]

Don’t Get Conned

2018-03-02T12:52:37+00:00March 2nd, 2018|

Don’t Get Conned There is one whale of a story going around online today on CNN called “The blurring of racial lines won’t save America. Why ‘racial fluidity’ is a con.” Don’t get conned by believing the article by someone named John Blake. Shame on Blake and CNN for this lopsided story. It’s below, if you really want to read it. The article itself is prejudiced against multiracial people who choose to identify as multiracial. Everyone in it identifies as black, so Blake has lots of friends who are multiracial [...]

Famous Friday!

2017-11-10T05:22:12+00:00November 10th, 2017|

Famous Friday: Suzanne Malveaux We watch a lot of CNN in our house and one of our favorite journalists is Suzanne Malveaux. Suzanne is an award-winning TV journalist who has been a national correspondent, covering politics, news and culture for CNN since 2002, the year I was born. She anchored the CNN program Around The World and CNN Newsroom; served as a White House correspondent, and much more. Malveaux graduated from Harvard with an A.B. in sociology, just like my sister, former Project RACE Teens President Kayci Baldwin. Suzanne went on to earn a master's degree in broadcasting from the Columbia. She is a member of [...]

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