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Project RACE advocates for multiracial children, multiracial adults, and their families primarily through multiracial education and community awareness. We are committed to the appropriate inclusion of multiracial people on any forms that require racial identification. We support policies that make a positive impact on people of multiracial heritage at local, state, and national levels.


All forms should ideally have a “multiracial” box to check.
As an alternative, you may use the check all that apply format and put this wording in the instructions:
If you are multiracial, you may select two or more races.


Project RACE never requires a membership fee. We are a non-profit, 501(c)(3), all volunteer organization supported by individual donations, contributions and grants. Donations are deductible, as provided by law. If you believe in our cause, please consider making a difference for multiracial people.

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Being a part of an established community conquering racial identity makes multiracial people a part of a true movement. You can feel accepted and understood. You can pass our work on to your family and educate friends and the establishment. You can join us and do as much or as little as you please. Won’t you join us?

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March 8th, 2021|Tags: , |

What?! I watched Oprah Winfrey’s much hyped interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. I hope you saw it too. The subject of race was brought up by Oprah many times. When Meghan told Oprah that there had been some discussions with members of the royal family, or “the firm” as Meghan called it, Oprah said, “WHAT?!” The talks centered around baby Archie’s color. Would he be too dark to represent royalty? Why was that even brought up as a royal issue? It’s a pity that the subject had to [...]

Interracial Relationships in Advertising

March 7th, 2021|Tags: |

Americans See More Interracial Relationships in Advertising By Deborah Block March 07, 2021 03:29 AM Actors portray a biracial family in an ad for the Old Navy clothing retailer. (Courtesy Old Navy) A happy interracial family hugging each other while wearing apparel from clothing retailer Old Navy. A smiling Black man giving his white girlfriend an engagement ring in a State Farm insurance ad. And a biracial couple and their kids on a road trip in a vehicle made by Hyundai. These are among the increasing number of advertisements selling everything [...]


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