On October 27th, Project RACE Members were asked to give our thoughts on a Multiracial classification to the Office of Management and Budget Working Group. Our Project RACE Teens President, Maddy Rempel, and her brother, our Project RACE Kids President, AJ Rempel, were exceptional in their presentation, which is below. Thank you to everyone for your support at this critical time.

A category labeled as Multiracial would be a step in the right direction. However, this is still not very specific. Therefore, Under the Multiracial option you could have a sort of drop-down list where the person could check the multiple races. And once the data is collected, and presented that person needs to count under their specific response. For example, on the list I would check Multiracial. Underneath, I would then check the boxes for White, Black, and later I would choose white and Hispanic for ethnicity. In turn, once data is collected and presented, my information would count towards a multiracial group that is specifically white and black. My information would also count towards the white and Hispanic ethnic population. And in general, my information would count towards the overall multiracial population in the US. I believe this specificity is necessary to accurately represent the complex population that is the Multiracial community in the US. Thank you for listening to me and my brother.