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It’s Famous Friday!

2023-06-02T14:25:11+00:00June 2nd, 2023|

  Happy Friday! Today’s article will be highlighting actress Lauren London. London was born in Los Angeles on December 5, 1984. Her mother is African-American and her father is Ashkenazi Jewish. Lauren London has had roles in several films and television series, but she started out by being in a few music videos for popular artists like Snoop Dogg and Pharell. Her television debut began with the episode “Everybody Hates Funerals”, from the show Everybody Hates Chris, in 2006. From there she got a lead role in her first film: ATL (2006). [...]

Friend to the Multiracial Community Dies

2023-05-28T21:45:49+00:00May 28th, 2023|

Friend to the Multiracial Community Dies Tom Sawyer, an eight-term Democratic congressman from Ohio has died. He was responsible for introducing Multiracial advocates in Congress in the 1990s. He was close friends with Ohio House Speaker William Mallory, who introduced the country’s first legislation for a Multiracial classification on a state level. Mr. Sawyer was chairman of the House Post Office and Civil Service Subcommittee on Census and Population. Sawyer asked me, my eight-year-old son, Ryan, and other leaders in the Multiracial community to testify before the subcommittee when we [...]

It’s Famous Friday!

2023-05-26T13:54:37+00:00May 26th, 2023|

  Hello and welcome back to this week’s famous Friday!   This week we will discuss Cameron Champ, an American professional golfer. Champ was born June 15, 1995, in Sacramento, California, to his father Jeff, who is of black and white descent, and white mother Lisa.  To further his academic and athletic career he went to Texas A&M University. While playing for their golf team the Texas A&M Aggies he won the Fighting Illini Invitational and finished within the top ten of six other tournaments. In the Pac-12 Robert Brandi Invitation, he [...]

From the Census Bureau

2023-05-25T17:42:20+00:00May 25th, 2023|

The Multiracial population was the nation’s youngest race group in 2020, with 32.5% of its population under age 18. Between 2010 and 2020, the Multiracial population increased for every broad age category (under age 18, 18 to 44 years, 45 to 65 years, and 65 years and over) by over 164%. We thank the Census Bureau for using the term Multiracial!

It’s Famous Friday!

2023-05-20T04:14:56+00:00May 20th, 2023|

  Happy Friday everyone! This Friday we are going to highlight the actor known as Boris Kodjoe! He is of Ghanaian and German descent and was born on March 8, 1973 in Vienna, Austria. He played tennis on a scholarship at Virginia Commonwealth University and graduated in 1996 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. After an injury while playing tennis in college, Boris Kodjoe modeled for a time, shortly before entering the acting world. Kodjoe has an extensive list of television shows and films he has been in since 1998. [...]

Book Review

2023-05-19T22:35:02+00:00May 19th, 2023|

I just finished reading Benjamin Banneker and Us: Eleven Generations of an American Family by Rachel Jamison Webster. Do yourself a favor and read this outstanding book. Benjamin Banneker’s grandparents were in an interracial marriage and are brought to life by Webster’s writing. A white woman, she takes us on her journey of ancestry and racism over hundreds of years. The story took my breath away. I can’t say it any better than Natasha Trethewey’s quote below. "Rachel Jamison Webster has collaborated with her relatives to weave an impressive investigation [...]

Medicine and Race

2023-05-18T17:07:31+00:00May 18th, 2023|

Including multiracial individuals is crucial for race, ethnicity and ancestry frameworks in genetics and genomics Nature Genetics (2023)Cite this article Current ontologies of race, ethnicity and genetic ancestry rely on categorization, but have limitations — as exemplified by multiracial individuals. We argue that including these individuals will foster inclusion by better capturing complex identities, with equity benefits for the full human population.

It’s Famous Friday!

2023-05-05T21:26:15+00:00May 5th, 2023|

Happy Friday everyone! I’m AJ Rempel and today I’m highlighting Rosario Dawson, she will be starring as Ashoka in the new tv series on Disney Plus. Rosario was born on May 9, 1979, in New York City. Her mom Is Afro-Cuban and Puerto Rican while her dad is white. Dawson has had a very successful career starting at a young age. When she was a child, she appeared on Sesame Street, and at 15, she acted in the Movie Kids. Rosario has been in many great movies! For example, she [...]

Mixed Kids?

2023-05-03T22:26:11+00:00May 3rd, 2023|

W. Kamue Bell is on the right track, but with the wrong wording in his newest documentary this week on HBO.  I'm tired of "mixed race" terminology. It lends itself to mixed up kids, which we have all seen in headlines. "Multiracial" is the correct and respectful terminology. It's even what the government uses when speaking of forms in this country. Mixed is also the opposite of "pure," and do we really want to go to mixed and pure in this country? Bell led these kids in "1000% me: Growing [...]

It’s Famous Friday!

2023-04-28T13:54:23+00:00April 28th, 2023|

Hello All! And Welcome Back to this week’s Famous Friday! This week we will highlight Jordin Sparks, an American actress and singer. She was born in Phenix Arizona to Jodi Wiedmann Sparks who is of European descent and former professional football layer Philippi Sparks who is of African American descent. She grew up in the suburbs of Ridgewood New Jersey and at a young age won an award for best young artist of the Year in Arizona three years in a row. She was the winner of American Idol at [...]

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