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It’s Famous Friday!

2021-05-07T03:35:55+00:00May 7th, 2021|

Dana Mathewson   In celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and the start of the highly anticipated Tokyo Summer Olympic Games later this month, we feature the ever inspiring Dana Mathewson. Dana Mathewson is a biracial Chinese and Caucasian wheelchair tennis player for Team USA. Dana was born in San Diego, California, in 1990, to Dr. Arlene and Dr. Jim Mathewson. The Mathewsons had Dana involved in sports from her youth. When she was 10 years old Dana unexpectedly became paralyzed from the waist down due to [...]

Emjoi News

2021-05-05T17:55:08+00:00May 5th, 2021|

iPadOS 14.5 adds support for AirTag and introduces separate skin tone variations for emoji with couples.

From the NY Times

2021-05-04T16:40:01+00:00May 4th, 2021|

The Census Bureau released two important sets of data last week that have big implications for American politics — and that challenge some prevailing assumptions for both Democrats and Republicans. The first set of data lays out long-term demographic trends widely thought to favor Democrats: Hispanics, Asian-Americans and multiracial voters grew as a share of the electorate over the last two presidential races, and white voters — who historically tend to back the G.O.P. — fell to 71 percent in 2020 from 73 percent in 2016.

It’s Famous Friday!

2021-04-30T03:23:40+00:00April 30th, 2021|

Charlie Woods Our Famous Friday person is perhaps the youngest one we have had thus far. He is 12 years old. Charlie Axel Woods, son of golfing great Tiger Woods. Charlie was born on February 8, 2009 to Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren.  Tiger is multiracial and Elin is White. They were married at the time but have since divorced. Charlie has one sister, Sam Alexis Woods. Charlie Woods has all the golfing mannerisms of his famous father from taking off his glove to putt, carrying a yardage book in [...]

“M” is for Multiracial

2021-04-28T03:55:40+00:00April 28th, 2021|

The word Multiracial means relating to people of several or many races. Sometimes it is capitalized and sometimes it is not, depending on who you ask. Project RACE is now asking that like other race(s), it always be capitalized, just like Black, Latino, Asian, and Native American. Multiracial people are no less important. This change needs to be made in dictionaries, when used by the media, in private conversation, on racial and ethnic surveys, etc. Seeing Multiracial is becoming more frequent. It’s about time. I remember when the Associated Press [...]

It’s Famous Friday!

2021-04-28T17:34:19+00:00April 23rd, 2021|

Laine Hardy It’s Friday again, and if you love singing as much as I do, or at least enjoy listening to music, you may have watched an episode or two of the famous “American Idol”.  This season has a great pool of talent, but it got me thinking of the competition a few years ago.   Two years ago aMultiracial contestant, Laine Hardy, won American Idol!  Laine Hardy was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to a mother of Asian descent and a white father.  He graduated from French Settlement High School [...]

The Jury is In

2021-04-21T22:44:03+00:00April 21st, 2021|

The Jury is In The jury in the Derek Cauvin trial reached a verdict yesterday. The Minneapolis police officer who killed George Floyd has been convicted of murder. We also got news that two of the panel of 12 jurors were multiracial. They represented 16 percent of the jury. That is a pretty high percentage of jurors. Our numbers are growing and will continue to grow. First, we want to thank the people who did self-identify as multiracial. Second, we wish to thank the media, which in most cases used [...]

It’s a Sad Famous Friday

2021-04-16T13:30:16+00:00April 16th, 2021|

Famous Friday: Daunte Wright This week’s Famous Friday will not celebrate a famous athlete, musician or politician. This week, I believe it’s appropriate that we take the time to remember and honor the memory of Daunte Wright. “My brother, just being in his presence uplifted my spirit,” Daunte’s sister Destiny said. “I love my brother so much and this is unbelievable, this is unreal...I feel him here, but in reality, he’s gone and I can’t never see him in person again. Can never feel my brother and give him a [...]

Diversity at Amazon

2021-04-15T21:25:19+00:00April 15th, 2021|

Amazon revealed its 2021 goals for diversity, equity and inclusion on Wednesday, including increasing the representation of Black and female employees in the company. In a message to employees, Amazon Senior Vice President Beth Galetti outlined a series of objectives, writing, “We are committed to fostering a culture in which inclusion is the norm for all Amazonians.” The goals for the year include doubling the number of Black directors and vice presidents in the U.S., increasing the hiring of Black corporate employees by at least 30 percent, and increasing the number of female senior [...]

It’s Time to Look at Race Again

2021-04-11T22:05:54+00:00April 11th, 2021|

It’s been 24 years since the federal government looked at the racial classifications used by agencies like the U. S. Census Bureau. Whatever the government decides trickles down to businesses, schools, medical facilities, and others. It is important and it is not too late. Michael Van Cleve, a Project RACE member, and attorney has filed a lawsuit in Florida. He is suing the U.S. Commerce Department, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and the U.S. Census Bureau, concerning race and ethnicity data collection. If the lawsuit is successful, the [...]

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