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It’s Famous Friday!

2021-07-30T00:17:52+00:00July 30th, 2021|

Neil DeGrasse Tyson We are about to wrap up Space Science July in America. Billionaire Richard Branson soared into space aboard a Virgin Galactic flight, and Jeff Bezos boarded Blue Origin on July 20 to become the second billionaire to have bragging rights that go all the way into space. That brings us to the wildly popular astrophysicist, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, who is one of my personal heroes. He is our Famous Friday personality for today. Tyson has been interviewed everywhere it seems this month. His down-to-earth explanation of what [...]


2021-07-26T03:42:31+00:00July 26th, 2021|

I read a few articles in the past week that make me wonder what will become of the Multiracial community if we do not comment on those articles and those like them. The first one is about the singer/songwriter, Halsey. She gave birth to a baby while she was wearing her hair in box braids. Apparently, many people did not know that she was Biracial until they saw the pictures, which caused people to surmise that she had been “passing as white.” Perhaps she was just being quietly Biracial. She’s [...]

It’s Famous Friday!

2021-07-22T19:04:53+00:00July 22nd, 2021|

  Happy Friday everyone, welcome back to Famous Friday. Today we will be taking a glimpse into the life of Sydney Rae Leroux Dwyer. Sydney Leroux is a proud Multiracial professional women's soccer player. She is a 2015 FIFA 2015 World Cup winner and Olympic Gold medalist. She plays the forward position on the Orlando Pride US soccer team within the National Women's Soccer League. Originally born in Canada on May 7, 1990, to her white Canadian mother, Sandi, and her black American father, Ray, she pursued her love of [...]

Raising a Biracial Child

2021-07-21T16:15:45+00:00July 21st, 2021|

Khloe Kardashian Speaks Out Khloe Kardashian recently talked about raising her Biracial child as a White mom. Good for her! She refuses to force her child to have to pick one race over another, or to choose her mother or father’s race alone. Project RACE commends Ms. Kardashian on her decision. She also uses the term “Biracial,” which is a respectable, educated word that we prefer, along with “Multiracial.” Appearing on Leomie Anderson's "Role Model" podcast the reality star/entrepreneur talked about raising her 3-year-old daughter, True, whose father is professional basketball player [...]

Multigenerational Vacations

2021-07-19T17:13:15+00:00July 19th, 2021|

This article appeared in the New York Times and is an excellent resource for grandparents going on a multigenerational family vacation.   How to Have a Fun, Multigenerational Family Vacation Sometimes a trip with small children means the same chores in a different place. Here’s advice on how to make it a vacation.   With 20 family members on their latest vacation, Emily Morgan’s family has figured out a system for dividing up the chores. Credit...Emily Morgan   By Paula Span July 17, 2021 Feeling released after a terrible year, this summer [...]

It’s Famous Friday!

2021-07-16T18:23:23+00:00July 16th, 2021|

Kirstin Maldonado     Happy Friday everyone! I am a little new here, my sister is Madelyn Rempel the Project Race Teen President and I am her younger brother Allan Rempel, and I am the Project Race Kids President. Today I would like to highlight Kirstin Maldonado from the well known acapella group, Pentatonix! Kirstin Maldonado was born in Fort Worth, Texas, on May 16, 1992. Her Mother Angelica Maldonado,  is of Spanish and Italian descent and her Father, Micheal Cisneros, is of Mexican descent. Kirstin Maldonado was raised by [...]

It’s Famous Friday!

2021-07-02T13:43:48+00:00July 2nd, 2021|

  It has been a while since the name Sydney McLaughlin has been discussed here on Project RACE, and I think this Famous Friday is a great time to mention her again! Sydney was born on August 7, 1999 in Dunellen, New Jersey and is of White and Black descent. McLaughlin is a hurdler and Sprinter who has competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics and qualified for this year’s summer Olympics in Tokyo! She most likely got her passion for running from her parents, who were both runners. Her father [...]


2021-06-30T16:49:21+00:00June 30th, 2021|

We are sad, yet happy, at Project RACE. It’s the time of year when we lose our teens to colleges and choose new Youth Teams. Karson Baldwin will be our third Project RACE Teen President to go on to Harvard! Maddy Rempel will rise to our Teen President and her younger brother A. J. will take over the Kids Division. We wish them all the best.


2021-06-28T20:41:44+00:00June 28th, 2021|

YOU ANSWERED We recently asked for people to apply to become the President of our Project RACE Grandparents division. We got very lucky and many qualified people answered the call. We decided on Deb Ewing. Deb has been an active Project RACE member for many years, helping with several important projects and we are over the moon that she will lead our grandparents into the future. Take a look at Deb’s bio and picture on our website at Ewing Family Story on the front page of our site at projectrace.com [...]

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