Data Includes Multiracial Students

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This article illustrates what school data should look like. Note the inclusion of multiracial students.  State school profiles now include more data: 'These measures help align us with our district goals' New measures added to a state education report offer a deeper look at discipline, postsecondary readiness and progress toward state and federal goals at Iowa’s public schools. The Iowa School Performance Profiles, an online tool showing how public schools performed on required measures, was introduced in December to meet federal and state requirements. It was expanded in May to [...]

Compare the States

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COMPARE THE STATES A table was recently published by The Chronicle of Higher Education that compared the race and ethnicity of data in degree-granting institutions in the United States that are eligible to receive Title IV federal financial aid. They included the “two or more races” category. The results are interesting, but not surprising. The percentage of multiracial respondents for the institutions of higher education nationally was 3.2 percent. The state with the lowest percentage was Mississippi (1.6%) and the highest was Hawaii at 25.2%. Please keep in mind that [...]

Important Article!

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How Racial Data Gets 'Cleaned' in the U.S. Census The national survey offers more identity choices than ever—until those choices get scrubbed away. The 2010 United States Census allowed 63 possible responses for race. Ross D. Franklin / AP At a doctor’s visit, on a college-admissions application, or even in a consumer-marketing survey, Americans are regularly asked to classify themselves by race. Some protest this request by “declining to answer,” as forms often allow. After all, racial categories are social constructs. They don’t connote biological or genetic difference. As an [...]

New York Times uses “Multiracial”

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New York Times uses “Multiracial” The New York Times published an analysis on August 24 titled, “Even With Affirmative Action, Blacks and Hispanics Are More Underrepresented at Top Colleges Than 35 Years Ago.” They made their affirmative action arguments based on the results. We are very glad that the Times used the term “Multiracial” when describing students who utilized either a multiracial classification or check two or more races. One of the goals of Project RACE since the 1990s has been to work with schools, companies, medical institutions, and other [...]

Why you should care

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Why You Should Care by Susan Graham   If you don’t know what a “data dump” is, you should because Don and his people are dumping our important data at record rates and the result is that we, the public, will have no idea what the truths are. Without data, we just don’t know where we stand. They can say what they will and make up their lies and half-truths and we have no data to fight them with.   For example, since Don has moved in, The White House [...]

Multiracial identity evolves with census

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Seattle Times Gene Balk / FYI Guy Now that Americans can select more than one racial category, Seattle ranks high nationally in terms of multiracial population and percentage. WHEN NEARLY 10 million Americans identify as multiracial — it’s strange to think that just a few decades ago, this community was practically invisible. That’s because it wasn’t until 2000 that the Census Bureau allowed Americans to choose more than one racial category to describe themselves. Before that, you could pick only one, and people with mixed backgrounds often struggled over the decision [...]

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