The Rise in the Multiracial Population

The Census Bureau has released the perceived reasons for the amazing rise in the Multiracial population. This is what they said:

“In 2020, the percentage of people who reported multiple races changed more than all of the race alone groups, increasing from 2.9% of the population (9 million people) in 2010 to 10.2% of the population (33.8 million people) in 2020.

The observed changes in the Multiracial population could be attributed to a number of factors, including demographic change since 2010. But we expect they were largely due to the improvements to the design of the two separate questions for race and ethnicity, data processing, and coding, which enabled a more thorough and accurate depiction of how people prefer to self-identify.”

We don’t trust the census bureau, but it would be a massive undertaking to audit their numbers. Therefore, we must work with the numbers they provide to us. We have been trying to get a few questions answered for over two weeks with no response. Something must be wrong with their answers for them to ignore us. We are the Multiracial community and worked hard for many, many years to get counted, and now that we are, they ignore our further questions. They would not do this to any other community.

We believe that they are trying to point to themselves to take credit for the increase in numbers because of their “improvements to design” and coding. Then why not be open to further questions about the data? We believe the work we and others have done in recognition of the Multiracial population certainly contributed to the rise in numbers. We also believe the U. S. Census Bureau has numbers and explanations to hide.