Happy Friday everyone! This week’s spotlight is on Daveed Diggs who is a famous actor known for his incredible contributions to the industry. Diggs was born on January 24, 1982, in California. Being Jewish and African American, Diggs has a myriad of experiences under his belt from his multiracial heritage. Which he embraces with joy. Additionally, his multiracial identity has shaped his creative products.

Diggs’ claim to fame came when he garnered widespread support for his roles in the hit-Broadway musical “Hamilton,” where he portrayed both Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson. Too vital and very important roles in the musical. His performance as these two characters earned him a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Musical. Demonstrating his prowess as an actor. Going past “Hamilton”, Diggs has also starred with roles in film and television, including the recent “Little Mermaid” film, “Soul”, and “Trolls Band Together”.

Stepping aside from his acting abilities, Diggs is a relentless advocate for racial equality. Through both his experience acting and his personal background, Diggs continues to negate harmful stereotypes and promote inclusivity and equity in the acting community. With his incredible abilities, outstanding performances, and standing up for what he believes in, Daveed Diggs continues to inspire both myself and countless others around the world.


Elle Pierre

Project RACE Teens Vice President

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