Happy Friday everyone! I’m AJ Rempel, and I will discuss an aspect of my life as a multi-racial teen. My dad is White and my mom is Black, White, and Native American. Today I want to highlight music and its fundamental part of any culture. Being multi-racial often comes with experiencing multiple cultures at once. My dad is White and my mom is Black, White, and Native American. Different cultures bring different clothes, food, languages, and what I’m highlighting today, music.
As long as I can remember my mom would always play music in the car. As a young kid, my mom lived in the Dominican Republic, and when she was nine, she moved to the New York/New Jersey area. This influenced her music taste greatly. In the car, she would play R&B/Soul which is popular within the Black community in New York. She would also play many Merengue songs which are very popular in the Dominican Republic.
I didn’t hear my Dad’s music until I became older. When my dad would play me a song it was always a rock song. Rock is a very popular genre within the White demographic of America.
Now that I have grown up into an adolescent I have started developing my music taste, which is mostly made up of RnB, rock, and Dance.
Music is an important way for us humans to connect. Since I have been exposed to such diverse forms of music through my parents’ different cultures, I have been able to connect with so many people through music. I have bonded with people over similarities in our music tastes, and then I have been introduced to new music from them. Sharing things we truly treasure helps us connect on a deeper level. I believe that everyone treasures at least some form of music, whether it is a song from childhood or a special song between you and your best friend.
AJ Rempel
Project Race Kids President