Megan Good is an American Actress and model. She gained lots of attention from her first role in the movie  Eve’s Bayou  in 1997.  Before this she played the role of Nina in Cousin Skeeter  the Nickelodeon sitcom. She received further involvement in the stardomfield through films such as Round Bounce, Stomp the Yard, and Deliver Us from Eva.  In 2012 Good was featured as a part of the cast of the film Think Like a Man.  Later on in the following year she played Joanna Lacosto in the series Deception  on NBC. Along with this, in Anchorman 2 The Legend Continues she played the star role.  In addition to her main roles she also played several supporting roles in movies such as  One Missed Call,  Saw V,  The Unborn,  and Shazam!

Good was born on August 8th 1981 in Los Angeles California.  Her mother, Tyra Wardlow-Doyle,  worked as her manager into her teen years and her father Leondis Good is an LAPD police officer.  In terms of ethnic background  her mother is of Middle Eastern, African-American and Native American Cherokee descent.  a good father is of Puerto Rican and Barbadian descent.

Good was raised in Santa Clarita California she has three siblings including an older sister and fellow actress La’Myia Good. In her own words throughout her childhood she was perceived as extremely nerdy Yet she had a sense of confidence about herself.  growing up did not have any clear distinctive Role Models however in her early adulthood she looked up to Charlize Theron the actress.

Good was thrusted into her acting career around the age of four and grew up in Learning how to act. Good work as an extra on the television shows Doogie Howser and Amen.  When she was 13, Good was cast in her first film  Friday, the 1995 comedy.  She really gained her first critical recognition for her performance as the troubled teen Cisely Batiste in the 1997 film Eve’s  Bayou,  she received two Award nominations including her first NAACP Image Award nomination.

After taking on smaller film roles and television roles a few years later, Good began to transition into more mature adult roles within the early 2000s.  Good said that she was able to move into more adult roles due to playing characters several years younger than her. As she appeared on several popular sitcoms throughout the early 2000s and along with starring in 2004 alongside Jordana Brewster, Sarah Foster and Jill Ritchie in the action film D.E.B.S. She received a Best Actress nomination at the 2005 black movie awards. Good also had small roles in  The Cookout  and the teen dance film, You Got Served.

 Overall, Good’s perspective on life as a Multiracial individual is extremely prominent as she shows us how we can reach our goals and dreams. She is also a significant role model  for all muliracial individuals having understood the trials of childhood and growing up with a Multiracial perspective.  She shows us that our dreams and ideas are attainable if we focus on them and put in hard work in order to achieve them.

By: Project RACE Teens President Anna Garrison

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