Happy Friday! Today’s Famous Friday highlights the professional basketball player Blake Griffin!

Blake Griffin is an NBA player currently playing for the Boston Celtics. Griffin was born on March 16, 1989, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. His father is African-American, while his mother is of Caucasian and Native American descent, providing him with the unique experiences of those in the Multiracial community.

His father was a fabled player and coach, developing a love for basketball in his two sons at a young age. Blake pursued this passion fervently, playing collegiate basketball in his home state while winning the Naismith College Player of the Year in 2009, his sophomore year. Griffin’s infectious personality made a mark on campus, as many recall his favorable demeanor. Blake excelled on the court, leading to the Los Angeles Clippers selecting him with the first pick in the 2009 NBA draft. Griffin continued his court dominance, winning yet another prestigious award, Rookie of the Year. Griffin is perhaps most known for his astonishing jumping capacity, leaping over a Kia van in the NBA Dunk Contest. His prowess, coupled with Chris Paul’s passing ability, led to the formation of the nickname Lob City. Despite facing several injuries throughout his career, Griffin persevered and rebounded, but ultimately, the Detroit Pistons traded for him, joining Motor City.

Griffin doesn’t limit himself to the court: he’s developed quite the celebrity portfolio, appearing on talk shows, movies, and comedic events. Griffin utilizes his robust platform to pursue philanthropic efforts, donating to charities that benefit children’s education and health. On the equity front, Griffin speaks out regarding embracing identity beyond the bounds of race and supports developing a more equal world in various manners.