Lisa Gelobter is someone who has made a large impact in the digital world. She was born in 1971. Her father is Jewish from Poland and her mother is African- American from the Caribbean.

For 25 years Lisa worked in the software industry, she invented many products and worked on multiple Internet technologies including Hulu and the creation of web animation. Lisa served as Chief Digital Service Officer for the United States Department of Education during Barack Obama’s Presidency. Lisa helped to improve and she also led the team that helped to build up the United States Department of Education College Scorecard. The College Scorecard helped college students make better decisions about college investments. In 2016 Lisa founded and took the position of Chief Executive Officer of tEQuitable. TEQuitable is platform that provides an independent and confidential place to address issues like bias, harassment, and discrimination. Lisa raised $2 million for tEQuitable and she became one of the 34 black women to ever raise more than $1 million in venture capital.

William Thomas

Project Race Vice President