Hello All and welcome to our new series “Day in the Life of a Biracial Teen”. I am Anna and
today I will be showing you a glimpse into my experience as a Biracial student.
Today, in school I engaged in an English discussion, where I was able to welcome my diverse
heritage as a lens to decipher literature. As I articulate my thoughts, I draw upon my roots, my
experience which has allowed me to become the person I am similar to the characters in the
book we were reading.

My biracial identity, far from a burden, affords me a unique vantage point – a global perspective
that surpasses geographical boundaries. It is this perspective that enriches our society and
challenges conventional narratives. Having this ability allows me to foster inclusivity in our
intellectual pursuits. This can be through club participation and community engagement.
Through my experience, my identity serves as a bridge, connecting different cultures and
fostering understanding. Through each discussion, I navigate the complexities of identity with
grace and nuance, weaving together the threads of my heritage to create a broad

For example when two people in my English class were discussing the fundamentals of the
biracial experience being in a position that can sometimes be conflicting as many desire you to
choose one culture, I was able to highlight the biracial struggle. I was able to give my opinion to
the class and show others the benefits and amazing opportunities that I have as a first hand
account of a biracial student.

When introduced to the world many get very curious as to my ethnicity. I realize that by being
biracial allows me to have the privilege to be a bridge between cultures. I am not just Anna – I
am a testament to the richness of diversity, a living embodiment of the fusion of cultures. And as
I navigate school and gain knowledge with an international perspective it allows me to relate
and empathize with many around the world.

Thank you for joining us on our first exploration of “Day in a Life of a Biracial Teen”
By Anna Garrison President of Project RACE Teens