In another case of irony, the White House declared April as Arab American Heritage month. Last week, our president made it clear via tweets, press releases, speeches, dinners, etc.  that even though the Arab American Community is not officially recognized by the US Government, they are being welcomed, as they should be. We just don’t see the same kind of movement for the Multiracial community.

We have watched the Arab American population fight for over 40 years for a MENA (Middle Eastern – North African) category on the US Census, just as the multiracial community has fought. We at least got some of what we asked for, but not enough. We got the ability to check more than one race but did not get a true multiracial classification.

The office of the President continues to recognize the major achievements multiracial people have made to this great country. There should be room and celebrations for us all, Mr. President.