Harvard University. Yesterday, a federal appeals court ruled that the school does not discriminate against Asian Americans in its admissions process, upholding a ruling from last year. The case against Harvard began in 2014, when a lawsuit alleged that the Ivy League school favored Black and Hispanic applicants. And claimed that the admissions process overall relied too heavily on race in making decisions. Harvard denied any wrongdoing, saying it adheres to Supreme Court rulings which allow the use of race within certain limits. But the latest judgment could put this case on track to go before the Supremes. The high court could take a deeper look into the case because of its unique framing. It pits the rights of Asian Americans against other racial groups – which could set a new precedent.

  • What does the record show?: In the past, the court has ruled in favor of affirmative action. But with a 6-3 conservative-majority court, there’s potential that they could strike down a policy that has boosted admission of traditionally disadvantaged minority students across the US.From the Daily Skimm