Hello everyone and welcome back to a day in the life of a multi-racial teen! My name is
Maya Harper, and I am a biracial teenager from Atlanta, Georgia. As I’ve grown up in the
heart of the South, I have had the unique experience of blending my Northern Indian
heritage from my mother’s side with my White American roots from my father. Both of
my parents have deep ties to Georgia, making this the backdrop of my multicultural
upbringing. My Asian grandparents immigrated from India in their early twenties, and
left their lives there to pursue raising my mother in an environment where she would
have the best chance at success. In contrast, my White grandparents have lived in the
United States for generations, as well as their ancestors before them.



My first name, Maya, carries with it a rich tapestry of cultural influences. It’s not just an
Indian or American name—it’s a name that resonates with Spanish and Hebrew origins
as well. This diverse background in my name reflects the essence of who I am: a fusion
of different cultures and traditions coming together in one person. When people hear my
name, they often ask about its origins, sparking conversations about heritage and
identity. It’s a name that invites curiosity and allows me to share my story of being a
multi-racial individual in a world where diversity is both celebrated and sometimes

For my parents, choosing the name Maya was a deliberate decision to honor both sides
of my family background equally. It represents a balance between my Indian heritage,
with its traditions, languages, and customs, and my American upbringing, steeped in
Southern hospitality, family gatherings, and a love for sweet tea on hot summer days.
Being myself isn’t just about blending cultures—it’s about embracing diversity in all its
forms and celebrating the unique blend of experiences that shape who I am. I’m proud
to be biracial, even if that means accepting the feelings of isolation and not resonating
fully with either side of my parents’ backgrounds. I truly believe that the acceptance of
myself and my diverse backgrounds is something beautiful, and part of my
self-embracing journey.