Nickelodeon’s New Princess Is Biracial, And A Knight


For those parents tired of “princess culture” with its celebration of all things gender-normative, “Nella The Princess Knight” could be a welcome addition to the canon.

In case the title of the new cartoon program  didn’t tip you off, Nella is not just a princess, she’s a princess knight. That means she rides a pink-maned unicorn but brandishes a sword and armor.

“There are a lot of princesses out there and we had to think about what would make a Nickelodeon princess unique. What became crystal clear to us in the development process is that Nella didn’t have to be a princess or a knight ― she could be both,” Nina Hahn, Senior Vice President of International Production and Development at Nickelodeon, told The Huffington Post.

The character is also biracial, with a white mother and a black father, which Hahn says is “representative of what the world looks like to kids today.”

The decision was informed by research that indicated that most children under 12 will be nonwhite by 2020 and that already 17 percent are biracial, the network told The New York Times. 

Source: Huffington Post