NEWSFLASH! AARP becomes part of the federal government!  Thumbs Down

If you thought the American Association of Retired Persons was going to stand up for the rights of senior citizens, you were wrong. In an email dated 5/18/2018, AARP wrote to Project RACE that they must use the federal government’s racial categories. That applies to federal agencies; therefore, AARP has determined they are a federal agency. That also means they will sanction whatever the federal government decides is the best for the elderly population when it comes to healthcare, social security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Further, AARP has stated that “there are now more grandparents in the U.S. than ever before—some 70 million, according to the latest census.” The U.S. Census Bureau is part of the federal government and is sacrosanct to the AARP. AARP wants to follow whatever the census folks do. They have made that very clear to us.

AARP refuses to even recognize multiracial children and grandchildren, according to their letter to Project RACE. In addition, they wish to hyphenate multi-racial. Multiracial children are not hyphenated Americans. They are whole people.

AARP is a huge organization. They are a non-profit, but they have a massive lobbying arm and use your money for their lobbying activities. Because of AARP’s vast membership, it is able to generate its own income without being dependent on government grants or private donors, though it does receive both of these for specific programs.  How can they lobby against legislation and executive orders that will harm older American citizens if they are part of the federal government? Yet, they apparently consider themselves a federal agency. It does not compute. Incidentally, Project RACE does not apply for nor accept government funding, as it would be a conflict of interest. Take note, AARP Board of Directors.

AARP does not understand that multiracial children need appropriate names for their races: multiracial or biracial are the two most respectful terms that are used. Would they want us to refer to seniors as “OLD PEOPLE”? No, because words are important. They just want us to use their words.

Project RACE Grandparents has actively tried to appeal to AARP. We have not been successful. OK, so maybe AARP is not really a federal agency and they just act like one, but do you really want to back any organization or program that will not respect multiracial children? Think about it.

Thumbs Down