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Creator and lead actress Brittani Noel partners with Director Shilpi Roy (Brown Girls,
Freeform) to launch multiracial dramedy film THE OTHER, a Sundance Institute Artists
Kickstarter selection. “A woman’s struggle with her multiracial identity gets seriously twisted in this dramedy short film.”
LOS ANGELES, CA, March 1, 2017: Up-and-comer Brittani Noel joins forces with Director Shilpi
Roy (Brown Girls, Freeform), Sundance Alum Stacie Theon (Abbie Cancelled, Birds of
America), and Leah McKendrick (M.F.A., SXSW) to make The Other, a short film exploring the
distinct struggles of being in-between races. When multiracial Mischa discovers that society has
a need to put people into ethnic boxes, and that not all boxes are created equal, things get
really twisted, really fast…
“Diversity is a hot button issue right now,” says Roy. “We need to be exploring it and talking
about it as a society, and there’s no better way to continue to spark conversation and
understanding than with this film.” This story shines a light on the unique plight of the mixed
race person in a way that’s relatable to anyone who has ever felt like “the other.” Roy is no
stranger to the delicate topic of race in modern American society, having just completed her
comedy pilot Brown Girls, which centers on an Indian-American woman and a recently
emigrated Indian woman. Signing on to direct The Other was a natural and serendipitous fit, and
focuses on a topic Roy feels passionate about.
The film will star Brittani Noel alongside Brent Bailey (Criminal Minds, Rizzoli & Isles,
Californication), known for his starring role in the popular Emmy Award-winning web series
Emma Approved. The Other’s Kickstarter campaign is now live and seeking to complete funding
over the next few weeks.
Written by Brittani Noel, Directed by Shilpi Roy, and starring Brittani Noel and Brent Bailey.
The Kickstarter campaign is available for viewing at

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