Susan Graham

I hope you enjoyed our showcasing some of our Project RACE Leadership families during Multiracial Heritage Week. I am being told by our Project RACE teens that it’s my turn!

I was born in Detroit and went through all of my schooling in Michigan. I pursued careers in public relations, writing, industrial real estate, telecommunications, and finance. I married a black husband in 1981 and we had two multiracial children. I now have two grandchildren whom I spoil and adore. I divorced and re-married in 2005 to my husband of 15 years, a poet and retired educator. We live in California’s Central Valley.

My son Ryan and I started Project RACE in 1990. I am still the CEO and Ryan is on our Board of Directors. He has testified twice before congressional committees at their request and I have testified three times. We have worked for over 30 years to help gain equality for the multiracial population. We have made a lot of progress with the Census Bureau, government agencies, schools, and medical facilities.

In May, 2019, my memoir, Born Biracial: How One Mother Took on Race in America was published. I am working on a novel about families and a murder.

We have had such an amazing response to highlighting our families for Multiracial Heritage Week on our blog and Facebook that we are inviting you to join us. If you are a Project RACE member (membership is free), just send us a description of your family, a picture, and a note that we have the right to publish both. We reserve the right to edit or reject any submissions. Email them to me at and put “MHW” in the subject line.

We still have a long way to go and we appreciate all our members. Happy Multiracial Heritage Week!