Today is the day we typically begin celebrating

Multiracial Heritage Week.


Sadly, many among our community do not feel like celebrating.


As we at Project RACE enter our seventh annual Multiracial Heritage Week,

we find ourselves and our world in incredibly difficult times.

We are a nation in mourning. We are mourning many things and much

of the anguish is centered around ongoing racial injustice

and our nation’s history of racism.


As multiracial people, we feel that pain deeply and personally.

And yet we will not allow that pain to diminish the love we have for

our interracial families nor the pride we have in all that we are.

Love is greater than hate.


Throughout this week, the leaders of Project RACE will be

posting about our families here on our blog.

We invite you to learn about the beautiful families we love and celebrate

and to share with us on our various channels about yours.


Karson Baldwin, Project RACE Teen, President