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Missouri. In recent days, the NAACP issued a travel advisory to warn minorities about the dangers of traveling through the state. This is the first time the org has ever put out a warning like this. It comes as a response to a state law passed earlier this year that requires anyone suing a company for wrongful termination because of discrimination, to prove that was the explicit reason they were fired. Prior to this, workers just had to prove it was part of the reason. The state says the new law – which goes into effect later this month – is ‘pretty standard’ and brings Missouri in line with similar requirements across the country. But the NAACP is calling this a “Jim Crow” law. And says there have been other incidents recently – including “racist attacks” at the University of Missouri campus – that make traveling or living in the state risky for minorities. The NAACP’s Missouri branch put out this advisory in June, and now the national office is saying ‘we’ll adopt it too.’

Please note: Missouri is one of our states that celebrates Multiracial Heritage Week.

Source: The Skimm