The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) decides how racial designations will be handled for all Federal agencies. They will be holding virtual listening sessions to find out what races people want to see on forms in America. Project RACE applied to be included and we will have our turn to speak on October 27, 2022.

We need your help! Please consider speaking at our session. This may be our only opportunity to advocate for a Biracial and/or Multiracial classification on forms beginning with the 2030 census and more. We want to make sure that Federal race and ethnicity data better reflect the diversity of the American people.

OMB has asked us to share the names and email of any other people from the Multiracial community who would be interested in participating. Please join me by sending your name and contact email to susangraham@projectrace.com and put “OMB” in the subject line. Please share this with family and friends. Thank you!

Susan Graham