Happy Friday everyone! We hope you are staying safe and healthy during these troubling times. This week’s focus is on actor and screenwriter Wentworth Miller. Wentworth Earl Miller III was born on June 2, 1972, in Oxfordshire, England. While Miller often identifies as multiracial, mainly of Caucasian and African descent, his racial heritage extends much farther. Miller says that his father is African, Jamaican, German, and English and his mother is Russian, Dutch, French, Syrian, and Lebanese. After moving to Brooklyn early into his childhood, Wentworth Miller attended Midwood High School and greatly excelled in his classes. His success led him to attend the prestigious Princeton University where he graduated with a degree in English in 1995. During his time at Princeton, Miller was a part of the Princeton Tigertones, the university’s a cappella group.

His passion for performing persuaded him to pursue acting, so he moved to Los Angeles shortly after graduating. Miller describes his rise to fame as a difficult surplus of, “upsets and a lot of failures and roadblocks.” After a small role in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the actor found his stride in ABC’s Dinotopia in 2002. In his first major film role, Wentworth Miller played Coleman Silk in a movie titled The Human Stain. In this film, Wentworth’s character is a multiracial man living in 1940s America, he is both African American and white, and he attempts to pass a white man to pursue a career that was not an option for African Americans at the time. Wentworth claimed he identified strongly with the character as he is a multiracial person who is often thought of as only white. One of Wentworth Miller’s more iconic roles came in 2005, where he was cast into Fox Network’s Prison Break. His extreme dedication and excellent delivery in this role led him to the Best Actor in a Dramatic Series nomination in the 2005 Golden Globe Awards. More recently, Miller is often identified as Captain Cold, an anti-villain from the hit CW series’ The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

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