Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, or also known as Halsey, was born on September 29, 1994, to her Italian, Hungarian, and Irish mother Nicole Frangipane, and her African-American father Chris Frangipane. She is best known for her stage name Halsey.  She is an American singer, songwriter, and activist.

Prior to her successful music career, during her childhood Halsey was musically inclined when it came to instruments. She played the violin, cello, viola, and at 14 years old, moved on to perfecting the guitar. However, Halsey’s childhood wasn’t all rainbows and sprinkles. Throughout her life, her family relocated a number of times. Upon entering her adolescent years she had gone to six different schools. When she moved on to to high school, bullying became such a major issue that at 17, Halsey attempted suicide which left her in the hospital for 17 days. After this tragedy, similarly to her mother, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder leading her to a life of drugs. At 18, Halsey became drowned in financial troubles, and music was a way to pay her rent.

Shortly after her life took a turn down the wrong path, she began to write music and post videos on social media such as Youtube and Kik where she became known for her parody of a popular Taylor Swift song. In 2014, after singing with Astralwerks she chose Halsey as her stage name permanently. She began to write more serious songs and promoted  her music in a number of different ways.

In 2016, Halsey’s career took off when she became a featured vocalist and co writer in The Chainsmokers’ single “Closer” which debuted at number one for 12 consecutive weeks and became the most streamed song on Spotify. After that song the success began to roll in. She won four Billboard Music Awards, one American Music Award, one GLAAD Media Award, three Guinness World Records, a MTV Video Music Award, and finally, two Grammy Award Nominations. Halsey uses her celebrity platform to be a powerful and fearless activist when it comes to injustices in the world.

Skylar Wooten, Project RACE Teens Vice President

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