Happy Friday!  Today’s Famous Friday article is highlighting Jessica Karen Szohr.  Szohr is of Hungarian, White and African-America descent and was born on March 31st 1985 in Menomonee, Wisconsin.  She has four younger siblings Danielle, Sadie, Nick and Megan.  Jessica is an American actress who has been featured in films including Complications (2015) and Kingdom (2015).  She has also starred in the teen drama series Gossip Girl as Vanessa Abrams and joined the cast of Orville during the second season.  Szohr also began modeling at age 6.

From a young age, Jessica Szohr has expressed her creative abilities in different ways.  Besides modeling, Szohr played soccer for her school, served on her student council and even started a home-cleaning business with her friends, often cleaning her teachers’ homes.  At the age of 17, Jessica graduated high school a semester early and set off for LA to pursue her acting, with her mom.  While although she originally wanted to become an interior designer, her acting career took off in 2003 and the rest was history!

Not only is Szohr a successful actress but she is a relatable person too!  Along with the fact that she’s “…a huge fan of Cheetos”, she loves to see live music, enjoys yoga and uses a lot of dry shampoo!

I hope you all are safe and healthy during these difficult times.


Madelyn Rempel, President Project RACE Kids


Photo Source: https://famousheights.net/tv-actress/jessica-szohr