Famous Friday: Michael Behling

For Famous Friday this week, we’ll talk about Michael Behling. Michael Evans Behling was born on March 5, 1996 in Columbus, Ohio. Behling was born to a black father and a white mother, and grew up playing sports. He excelled in athletics so much that he went on to run track at Indiana State University where he was also a pre-med student. Two years into college, he sustained an injury that sidelined his athletic career and decided to leave Indiana State to pursue a career as an actor.

Behling began his acting career performing in commercials and was quickly cast for a small part in Fox’s Empire. Today, he is best known for his role as Jordan Baker on the CW’s show All American, which is currently the second highest trending title on Netflix. In All American, Behling plays Beverly Hills High’s quarterback and team captain. His character is multiracial just as he is, and Behling has stated publicly that he sees similarities between him and Jordan in the ways that they navigate as young multiracial men. I really enjoy this show. In fact, I spent a full day of my spring break binge watching the second season once it came out on Netflix.

Michael Behling is already becoming a successful and recognizable actor at the age of 24. He thanks his cast members for aiding him in his transition from Indiana to Hollywood, and although his original plans in track or medicine may be out the window, I’m sure we’ll see Michael Behling doing big things.


Karson Baldwin, President Project RACE Teens

photo credit: bleumag.com