The St. Brown Brothers


John Brown was a man with a plan.

“I’m just a lucky guy who had a plan,” the African American two-time Mr. Universe and three-time Mr. World bodybuilder said, “to get married, have a family and to put all of me into them and to sit back and watch it develop.”

And that is exactly what he has done. Man, has it developed in an incredible way! John and his white German-born wife, Miriam, have three multiracial sons: Equanimeous, Osiris and Amon-Ra, all of whom are expected to play in the NFL.  They have been called football’s version of the Ball family.

As if their first names are not unique enough, the boy’s last name is not just Brown, like their parents, but St. Brown, in order to be more memorable and to “look good on the back of a jersey”.

The St. Brown boys are often seen wearing a jersey. Equanimeous has been a star receiver at Notre Dame and has declared for the 2018 NFL Draft coming up in April. Osiris is in his second season at receiver at Stanford University, and Amon-Ra St. Brown is a five-star high school receiver who, as the top recruit in the country, has committed to play at USC next fall. That’s all three boys playing Division 1 football, but they were groomed for that.

Under their dad’s tutelage, they’ve been eating high protein diets and weightlifting since kindergarten. They trained together seven days a week, 365 days a year. Yes, even Christmas!

The brothers are best known for being incredible football players, but that is not the only area where they are standouts. As intense as John has been about helping his sons reach their goals and achieve their athletic dreams, Miriam has been equally intense about helping the boys excel in their learning and academics. They are all straight A students and all three are multilingual, fluent in English, German and French. Their mom only speaks to them in German and they spent six months in France when they were in elementary school so they could learn the language. They even took the SAT in three languages!

The family is very close and loving, training and studying and traveling together. The three boys even shared a bedroom growing up.

“A lot of kids in my school say I was built in a science lab,” Amon-Ra St. Brown says during a recent segment of HBO Real Sports. “I think the reason they say that is they haven’t met people like us.”

I’d agree.

-Karson Baldwin, Project RACE Teens President

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