Keanu Reeves

Most recently seen in the new John Wick franchise, Keanu Reeves is a very talented multiracial actor. Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Reeves grew up with his English mother and Chinese-Hawiian father. His parents were divorced when he was 4 years old. He then moved to Canada with his mother. During his childhood he lived in many places including New York and Australia. Because of this, Reeves was constantly in and out of school during his adolescence.

A big part of Reeves’ cultural outlook on life was shaped by his grandmother. She was both Chinese and Hawiian. Whenever he was with his grandmother, he was surrounded by Chinese art, furniture, and cuisine.  His mother taught him English manners which he continues to practice today. This has helped him understand how multiple cultures can mix together or overlap in a person’s life.

Reeves started his career at the age of 9 and fell in love with theatre. From that point on, he was in multiple plays and musicals until he got his first on-screen acting job in an episode of the show “Hangin’ In.”  His first movie debut was in “Youngblood” as a goalie from Quebec. From there his acting career bloomed and he got larger roles as he starred in movies such as Constantine, Speed, John Wick, and the Matrix. Reeves has also played a minor role in the new Netflix Original “Always be my Maybe.” His versatile acting roles helped him embrace different viewpoints in life and understand how each person can bring something unique to the world.

Alexis Cook, Project RACE Teens Co-President

Source: Ethan Miller/Getty Images North America