Nico Parker

Nico is a British actress. She stars in Disney’s reboot of Dumbo. She is fourteen years old and this is her first movie. Her mother is British actress Thandie Newton and her father is writer-director Ol Parker.  Nico’s parents are in the entertainment industry, but she told the Hollywood Reporter, “When it came to acting, I didn’t really want advice. It was very much my own experience.” Her father did help her with making her audition tape by videoing her on the kitchen floor and giving her a stuffed polar bear to stand in for Dumbo. She was raised in London. Nico and her siblings were on movies sets and she was able to learn a lot of the business by being around her parents because of their careers. Nico still visits her mom on the Westwood set. Nico was cast as Milly in Dumbo and says that they both love animals. Nico has two cats and two dogs. She continues to attend school in London. While filming Dumbo she did take some time off and had a private tutor. I believe this is the first of many lead roles for this talented young lady. Dumbo is set to be released in theaters on April 12th, 2019.

Makensie Shay McDaniel

Project RACE Teen President Emeritus

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