Jamila Wideman was born October 16, 1975 to an African American father, John Edgar Wideman, and white mother, Judith Ann Goldman.  Jamila Wideman, is an American lawyer, activist and a former professional basketball player. American.  I love that “American” is used to describe Jamila.  It just shows that multiracial people truly make up the United States.

In her 4-year basketball career, Jamila played for the Los Angeles Sparks, Cleveland Rockers and Portland Fire.  Wideman also attended New York University School of Law for her J.D. Wideman not only can kill it on the court and the courtroom, but she also speaks out for women in sports.  Jamila believes it is her duty to speak for women and girls in sports, she states “People invested time to teach me and give me a chance to play on a team and now that I can be a voice for women’s sports, it would be irresponsible of me not to try to repay my debts to them.”  She has most certainly done this by starting a program called “Hoopin’ with Jamila.” This program combines Wideman’s passions of writing, basketball and helping underprivileged girls.

Jamila is a natural born leader, especially on the court. “Leadership is taken, not given, and she’s got it. She’s an excellent player who encourages her teammates to play better, more positively,” says Chuki Nir, Wideman’s coach when she played in Ramale.

Wideman personally inspires me on multiple levels.  This is why I am so glad to have found her to be the focus of my article this week.  Seeing someone who is able to do everything that they love throughout their career is truly encouraging.  I have so many interests and could see them all being careers in the future, I wonder which one I should pick. Although the decision is far away, I also know that I don’t have to pick just one career!  Wideman had great athleticism, pursued her desire of becoming a lawyer and still used her talents and passions to help others. Being a female athlete myself, Jamila encourages me to be a better leader while on my court.


Project RACE Kids President

Madelyn Rempel


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