Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson

Evan was born in Greenwich, Connecticut. His mother is entertainer Diana Ross who is African American. His father was of Norwegian and German descent. Evan is an American actor and musician. Evan married Ashlee Simpson in 2014. In the same year they had their daughter Jagger Snow Ross. Ashlee Simpson is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Her older sister is celebrity, Jessica Simpson. Ashlee has an 8 year old son from her previous husband, Pete Wentz. Evan has a good relationship with Ashlee’s ex husband, Pete. “I think that for me, my relationship with Pete has been amazing. He’s an amazing father. He knows that I love his son very much, but it’s his son.” Ashlee and Evan have a reality show on E! The viewers get an inside look at their interracial family which covers balancing being young parents and continuing their careers. The show details their marriage, their family and friends, and the duets album. Simpson says “My biggest thing on the show, and in general, is finding my balance of how [I’m a mom] and do all of the work in the studios and my hours, and also make sure I’m there for school. For me, it’s so important that I find that balance, and you see me really trying to discover it.” The beautiful family has already posted their Christmas card on their instagram.

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Photo Credit: Popsugar.com