Adrian Fenty

Adrian is a known Politician, Professor, and Special Counsel. He is a former Mayor of the District of Columbia. He was born in Washington, DC and became the youngest mayor in the history of DC. Fenty has three children from his ex wife, Michelle Cross . He is currently in a relationship with Laurene Powell  Jobs, the widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs.

Fenty’s mother is Italian-American. His father’s side has roots in Barbados and Panama. He graduated high school from Mackin Catholic High School. He earned a B.A. in English and economics at Oberlin College.  He received a J.D. from the Howard University School of Law.

Fenty became involved in Politics by working as an intern for U.S. Senator Howard Metzenbaum, U. S. House of Representatives D.C. Delegate Elenor Holmes Norton, and U.S. Representative Joseph P. Kennedy II. He was able to serve as an aide to councilmember Kevin Chavous and was elected to the Advisory Neighborhood Commission district 4C.  In 2000 he won a seat on the D.C. Council.

Fenty was D.C. mayor from 2007-2011. His focus as mayor was on education reform.  After 2007, test scores rose 14 points in reading and 17 points in math. In 2010 Student SAT scores rose by 27 points. Graduation rates improved each year since 2007. His choice of a woman police chief received a lot of media attention. They added police officers to the streets and expanded community policing. The homicide rate dropped 25% during his term.


Makensie McDaniel

Co-President Emeritus


Image Source: The Business Journal