Trevor Noah


Born in apartheid South Africa, comedian Trevor Noah was literally born a crime. Until the early 1990s, institutionalized racial segregation made it illegal for black and white people to interact. With a Xhosa mother and Swiss-German father, Noah couldn’t be seen with both parents. His mother was arrested several times for interacting with his father. He outlines this difficult childhood experience in his compelling autobiography entitled Born a Crime. In it he explains: “As a kid I understood that people were different colors, but in my head white and black and brown were like types of chocolate. Dad was the white chocolate, mom was the dark chocolate, and I was the milk chocolate. But we were all just chocolate.”

In 2011, Noah moved to the United States. After appearing on various talk shows and television series, while also doing stand-up comedy, Noah became a correspondent at John Stewart’s Daily Show in 2014. Less than a year later, he was named Stewart’s successor and took over the reins of the Daily Show.

Since then Noah has become a superstar. He has carried the Daily Show to the top of a highly competitive landscape of late-night talk shows. Each day, he addresses current political issues with humor, wit, insight, and passion. He manages to inform his audience on these important topics as well as make them laugh. His unique style, hilarious character, and diverse cast have earned him a Primetime Emmy Award and various other recognitions.

Trevor Noah is an influential and inspiring role model for all multiracial people around the world.


Ian Shen-Costello

Project RACE Teens Vice-President


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