Famous Friday: Drake

Drake’s new Scorpion album is scheduled to be released Friday June 29, 2018. Drake has a universal appeal that has made him a pop star of his generation. He is the latest musician to land three top 10 hits simultaneously. The new Scorpion album released today has been called a double album, one side dedicated to rap and the other side to R&B.

Drake-Aubrey Drake Graham was born into a multiracial family in Toronto, Canada. His mother is White and Jewish and his father is African American and Catholic. Drake is a Grammy nominated Hip-Hop artist and actor. Drake’s parents separated when he was five years old and his mother, who is white and Jewish, primary took care of him. He lived in a large Jewish neighborhood and was Bar Mitzvahed at age 13. The following year he became a star in a Canadian teen television show, Degrassi; The Next Generation. Drake began his music career by releasing a few mixed tapes via the Internet and he then was given the opportunity to sign recording contract with Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment.

Drake stated in a CBS interview that he attended an all Jewish school. He said being biracial and Jewish made him feel like an outsider because he was kind of connected but disconnected at the same time. He remembers children were mean and cruel by teasing him about being different but believed the kids did not understand how he felt at the time.  It was interesting reading Drake’s opinion’s on the difference of being biracial living in Canada Versus America. Drake described Canada like a melting pot, especially in Toronto. America he feels is more segregated “like when you go to LA and it’s like, “This area’s Mexican, and this area’s white.”In Toronto he described cultural areas, but they were not segregated because lots of people participate in other cultures. However, he implied that he gets a lot of love everywhere in the world for just being diverse. He feels people embrace his multiracial identity.

Pic Credit: hiphopdx.com