Michael Bibby


Michael Bibby was born May 13, 1978 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. His fathers name is Henry Bibby and he is from Franklin, North Carolina and his mother’s name is Virginia and she is from Trinidad and Tobago. He was an American basketball player and played for 14 seasons. He also was a coach for the HillCrest Prep Academy. Michael went to Shadow Mount high school in Arizona. On the basketball team in the school he played as point guard and helped his team win the Arizona state championships.


As a freshman in college he helped bring the Wildcats to the NCAA championship in 1997. In 1998 he got third in the voting for the wooden award, which is an award that is given to the most outstanding men’s and women’s basketball players. Later in life Michael played for the Sacramento Kings. He and Chris Webber eventually became the league’s best duo helping the Kings get to an NBA best-record 61-21. (61 wins and 21 losses) Between 2002 and 2003 Michael got multiple injuries only being able to play in 55 games when usually he would play around 82 games per season. He still was able to help the team be able to win 59 games out of the total 82 games.


In the final years of his basketball career, Michael was able to sign on with Miami Heat. Soon after that season the Miami Heat decided to re-sign Mario Chalmers instead of Michael. Eventually he joined the team that his father Henry Bibby played for, The New York Knicks. After the contract expired he decided not to play anymore basketball but to coach it instead which is what he does in the present day.


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