Join Project RACE as we kick off Multiracial Heritage Week. It is a week when we don’t ask, “What are you?” but celebrate who you are. We rejoice in in our varied heritage and embrace all of our backgrounds.

This is our sixth year of celebration, of recognition for the biracial and multiracial community. We have proclamations signed by the governors of big states like California, Texas, Hawaii and mayors of large cities who believe that diversity that includes the multiracial population is how they want to be represented.

Whether you take a moment to reflect on what wonderful things it means to be multiracial or attend one of our parties across the country, take pride in your racial identification with us. Project RACE is here to help.

Susan Graham, founder and president of Project RACE will be speaking at Barnes and Noble’s Fresno, California store on June 8 and signing her books Born Biracial: How One Mother Took on Race in America to kick off Multiracial Heritage Week.