You and CNN should get it by now, but I’ll explain again. CNN Politics is running a story titled, “Why Kamala Harris is the new Democratic frontrunner.” They describe her this way: “Harris is in her first term as a senator from the country’s largest state. When she won in 2016, she made history as the first African-American woman and the first Indian-American woman to represent California in the Senate.” Nowhere does it state that Harris is multiracial.

Project RACE contends that people of “two or more races” have multiple single racial identities AND a multiracial identity. After all, you’re reading this post as it pertains to the multiracial community, not as single-race communities, yes? Although some people who read this obviously wish to assign multiracial people into single categories, as we’ve seen evidenced by their posts, a multiracial community does exist and statistics collected as multiracial are important. –Susan Graham for Project RACE


Photo Credit: Wikipedia