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Grandparents are in the wonderful position to be able to pass on to their grandchildren knowledge and wisdom the has mellowed and deepened over many years. Finding special books to read together that offer opportunities to share that wisdom through discussion, whether the books are serious vs. silly, long or short, or fiction vs. nonfiction, are one of the great joys we have when interacting with our little ones. For multiracial families, it is a bonus to find books that feature multiracial characters.

As my grandson turns 18 months old this month, I have grown to appreciate the many blogs and book lists to be found on the internet that feature multiracial characters. A search using ‘multicultural books for children’ will certainly help you find a multitude of reading options. A particular favorite of mine can be found at coloursofus.com, and to celebrate the upcoming Grandparents Day, here is a link to an article posted there last year at this time. http://coloursofus.com/40-multicultural-childrens-books-grandparents . My favorite list on that blog is called 10 Laugh Out Loud Funny Multicultural Picture Books.

To read the book description, I found that I have to go on Amazon and type the book title in the search bar instead of clicking on the link in the list, but the lists found on the blog, and in many other blogs that are found online, are great starting points to find reads that enhance our time with our grandchildren.

Happy browsing.

Patti Barry

Project Race Grandparents

Photo Credit: Patty Barry