The 2020 Census. Yesterday, the Supreme Court gave the Trump admin the green light to stop its count of the US population – ahead of schedule. The ruling is considered a win for the admin, which had moved up the deadline from October 31 to September 30, saying it needed to finish early to have enough time to process the data by the end of the year. But civil rights groups sued, arguing the change would lead to a serious undercount – particularly of immigrants and people of color. And a federal judge agreed, letting the count go forward for the last couple of weeks. Now, the high court’s weighed in and put an end to the back-and-forth. But Justice Sonia Sotomayor dissented, saying that rushing the census would cause “irreparable” harm that’ll be felt “for at least the next 10 years.”

  • The final countdown: If you haven’t completed the census, online responses will be accepted through tomorrow until 11:59pm Hawaii time (that’s 6am ET on Friday). And paper responses will still be processed as long as they’re postmarked by tomorrow. But don’t wait, fill it out here.