Taylor (Saucy T) Alexander Erickson, or Tay, was born on November 23 1995 to a white father and a black mother. He has recently been very successful making a wide variety of unconventional videos. Earlier this year, one of his videos on health insurance and youth enrollment even earned him an invitation to speak and screen his unique work at the White House. These videos, produced with only an iphone, have earned Tay several awards, won numerous contests and have recently launched him on a profitable career. Tay has also produced a “saucy” Multiracial Heritage Week video for Project RACE.  The short video will be unveiled on Monday, June 6th on the eve of this year’s celebration. So stay tuned and when we post it, be sure to share it everywhere you can to help spread the word about MHW’16 and make Tay a little more famous.

– Karson Baldwin, President, Project RACE Kids