jessica ennisAs the world tunes into The 2016 Olympic Games, Project RACE wants to highlight all of the multiracial athletes who are competing. For this week’s Famous Friday we will be taking a closer look at the fabulous Jessica Ennis-Hill.

Jessica was born on January 28th, 1986, and she is of Jamaican and Caucasian ancestry. She is a British Track and Field athlete. At 29 year’s old she is a World and Olympic heptathlon champion!! In case you were wondering, a heptathlon is a track and field competition that consists of 7 different events. She also holds the British national record for this competitive event.

Jessica isn’t just an athlete, she is also a mother and wife. She is married to Andy Hill, and they have one son together. His name is Reggie, and Jessica says that he is ‘worth more than any gold medal.’ She acknowledges that having a child changed her body and made it hard to come back to the sports world. It is rumored that the track and field star could possibly retire in 2017.

As great as Jessica’s life is, she notes that it hasn’t always been easy. From injuries to bullies, not everyday was a walk in the park for her. Jessica has said, “I believe we all have a journey. I was once a small girl from Sheffield, dealing with bullies and normal teenage insecurities, but I always believed. And when you do that life can get unbelievable.” I think this advice is totally beautiful, and I encourage you all to never give up on your dreams.


– Lexi Brock

ProjectRACE Teen Co-President