Amber Stevens West

Amber West

Amber is a multiracial American actress and model. Her father is Caucasian and her mother is African American. She is best known for her role, Ashleigh Howard, in the ABC Family series Greek. She also played Maya in 22 Jump Street, and Maxine in the Carmichael show. She began dating her husband Andrew West while they were co-starring together in Greek. They married in Los Angeles in 2014. Amber currently has a main role in the 2017 Fox supernatural comedy Ghosted. In a sit down interview with Pretty Unfiltered on Pop Sugar Amber talked about being biracial. She stated she was between eight and ten years old before she noticed any bias or negative opinion about her being multiracial. She feels her parents did a great job at always making her feel unique and special. She remembers them saying “you are not black or white, you are gold.” Amber thinks it helped that her parents never labeled her, they both told her truths about their past and what they had experienced. When she first started acting she got roles as the “black friend” and was told to act more urban which she found offensive. She used to go into a job interview wondering if she should appear more black or white. Now she says “I own who I am.”  She wants a great role no matter the race.


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