all races

This week I struggled to find an influential multiracial person that I thought worthy for Famous Friday. I spent over an hour searching and writing and erasing, because nothing seemed relevant. So for this week’s Famous Friday I am going to change the status quo just a bit. Afterall, isn’t that what all multiracial people do in one way or the other?

    As I searched through the seemingly endless abyss that is the internet, I came across several studies geared towards understanding people of multiple races. I encountered several titles like: ‘All Mixed Up’ and ‘Things Multiracial People are Tired of Hearing.’ Most of them seemed to focus on what may consider the negative parts of being multiracial. I will be the first to admit it is easy to let the ‘what are you’ question get under your skin. I will also be the first person to confess to having issues with identifying myself. Despite all of this, I think it is time that we chose to see being multiracial as our very own super power. I encourage all of you to take pride in every last bit of your ethnicity. You do not have to conform to one race or the other so you can blend in. There is a great deal of bravery and beauty in being your own person.

My wish is that you awesome multiracial people continue to be brave and beautiful. I hope that you all celebrate your differences. Also do not forget that there is no better time to celebrate your cultures than during Multiracial Heritage Week, It is coming up soon, and we need your help to get in touch with state officials. Remember to check for upcoming details.

Lexi Brock