Maya Rudolph has been gracing our television screens and making viewers laugh for many years now. She is of African American and Jewish descent. Her father was a music producer, and her mother was a soul singer. Maya is also a very talented singer and she even formed her own band in her youth!

After the band broke up she began to pursue the comedic career she had always dreamed of. She has since joined the cast of Saturday Night Live. Maya is a fan favorite. One of her most notable performances consists of her spot-on impersonation of Donatella Versace. She credits Donatella for the sketches success, “Donatella Versace gave me pointers – a lot of them. She said she would never wear fake diamonds. I let the costume department know.”

Maya was even voted #20 on Entertainment Weekly’s list of Funniest People in America. She has starred in several hit comedies like Bridesmaids and Grown Ups. One thing is for sure… when you see Maya Rudolph, you know you are in for a treat… and a laugh.

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